Shipping Information

Choose your materials refers to the recommended clothing materials that are suitable to the designs showcased in the images. As a fact, all materials are not suitable for all designs. Our stitching experts recommend the best materials that are suitable for recommended designs.

When you select a design, you have to select one of the recommended, material too. The exact design will be applied on the material that you selected. If you like more choice, you can visit the materials section and purchase materials as well.

Ready-Made ones are already stitched items that are available for sale. Ready-Made items have limitations as only a few selected items will be available for sale. Ensure that if the images display ‘sold’ sign, then it means that the stock has been finished and it is unavailable no more.

Yes. It is possible to send your own designs and get your outfit delivered to your home. You will have to communicate all your needs thoroughly to our customer care agents through whatsapp or skype.

It depends on factors such as how long your product takes to get stitched and postal conditions. Typically, for small products such as pillow covers, materials, and bed-covers, the stitching period will be 1 to 7 days and product can be delivered within three weeks. For special products such as a fancy saree
blouse or a shalwar, the stitching period can be 1 to 12 days and the product can be delivered within a month. When you send emails or communicate with our customer care agents, you can mention your requirements. If you really need an outfit in a hurry, then we can help you with that too!

Material prices can vary significantly although they look similar. However, drastic differences in similar designs are possible due to the other ingredients that are added to the product. For an example, saree blouses with artificial Perl may be slightly expensive than of a blouse without Perl.

You can pay through Paypal and Bank Direct Transfer (BDT). For BDT, we will send you the account details.

Depending on your country and weight of the product that order, your charges may slightly differ. Your charge will be automatically displayed in the checkout form.

Once you order the design, you will be asked to check-out. In the Check-Out form, clearly fill-in all relevant details.

Mew Fashion operates from Jaffna. By choosing Mew, you are indirectly helping women tailors who come from various backgrounds. Your choice can make a social impact.