Mew Fashions is an e-commerce platform that allows customers to buy customized clothing from Jaffna, Sri Lanka. What differentiates Mew Fashions from other e-commerce platforms is that customers are enhanced with the facility of purchasing customized stitched clothing options from tailors. Basically, we aim to provide a to z solutions in the fashion industry where customers can select their preferred designs, purchase suitable materials and get their outfits delivered to their homes. Our product lines range from saree blouses to home appliances.

As suggested by our research, many tailors expressed that women from from Diaspora mostly prefer to stitch their saree blouses and other traditional outfits as the cost of stitching is very high and also they have limitations when it comes to time and choices. This is where Mew Fashions was initiated as a fully-owned subsidiary of NORO Solutions (Pvt) Ltd Sri Lanka and we partner with Elil Ltd (UK) for speed payment process, quality control and promotions.

Social Impact

We currently partner with 10 women tailors in Shankanai, Manipay, Kilinochi, and Sandilipai, Kaithadi and Jaffna Town areas, retail shops in Nelliyadi and Jaffna, and one Batiks factory run by women entrepreneurs in Shankanai.

Tailoring has been a self-employment option for women in the Northern Province and many women who run home-based tailoring businesses lack marketing opportunities. Mew Fashions enables marketing opportunities for these women entrepreneurs by promoting their designs beyond Sri Lanka.


We use the National Postal Courier Service to deliver our products nationally and internationally. For all stiticing items, we will send a detailed email to customers asking for their size measurements and colour preferences.