Yasotha Balachandran, an energetic young woman who is into small scale handicrafts manufacturing and artificial jewellery making. As she is one of our suppliers, we can say that her products are unique from other jewellery makers. What further beautifies her products is that she uses low cost and naturally available raw materials such as clay, paper, coconut shells, and paddy.

‘The jewellery designs that I made from the paddy has gained massive attention from various stakeholders and got welcomed by many’, said Yaso.

She is also into making creative teacup designs from coconut shells. While the importance of reducing plastic teacups has been widely recognized in the current scenario, it gives a good impression to come-up with such alternative means.

‘The National Crafts Council has given me a six months Master Craftsman course. Pahalavan TV had telecasted how to make products from coconut shells. I had also presented eight episodes about how to make handicrafts from coconut shells in IBC Tamil TV through a programme called ‘Kalaikal Pesatum (Let the arts speak)’. Said Yaso.

As yaso continues, her interviews have been broadcasted via a programme ‘Manithi’ at IBC Tamil radio.

As to her words, Jaffna Small Business Unit has been highly supportive of her initiatives/efforts. As she further elaborated, the Small Business Unit’s main objective is to establish sales outlets for small and medium scale entrepreneurs in the context and to provide expertise and consultancy on the relevant fields. As recognition and appreciation, her products have been widely exhibited through various exhibitions hosted by organizations such as NEDA, Uduvil Agrarian Department, and Happy Market.

When asked about the challenges, she pointed-out various aspects. The Major challenge that she pinpointed was lack of capital to establish a permanent sales outlet and the lack of a permanent store where she can store her inventories.

‘Generally, the knowledge that I have right now on this jewellery making is what I gained from the internet. If I can get advanced training along with the support in marketing and technological enhancements, I will definitely establish a leading and successful business that can contribute to the economy of the country’.

We wish her all the best with her endeavours.

Yaso’s products are now available at Mew Fashions.

Contact  0094760392810 for more details.