Thilak, an energetic young painting artist from Jaffna! When we met him, he had a lot to share with us and here is how it goes:

I had this art in my blood. My big brother was a big inspiration to me! As a kid, I used to complete his half drawings and this is where my passion started I guess”, said Thilak.

This young man has faced many pains in his path but we noticed a burning passion in his eyes. When we asked about the challenges that he faces as a painting artist in Jaffna, we found that social stigma remains to be the prime barrier.

My challenges are really unique. As a painting artist, I have to stay indoors most times. I prefer to be quiet in order to get the best out of me. At home, they don’t understand that being quiet is part of my work. I am always criticized by people and they perceive that I do nothing. This struggle can be only understood by other artists’.

We asked how it feels to be a professional painting artist! His answer was breathtaking.

I usually take a lot of time to complete my drawings. My choice is mostly canvas paintings. In the North, it is difficult to get the latest materials that are used by leading painters. I have to decide the price of my drawings because I only know how much effort I invested in it. It is not like other products. It is saddening me when some customers come to me asking for my paintings at a price fixed by them’.

There is a saying that we should find good in everything. Self-motivation is the key to success. This energetic young guy has advice for others in the field.

In the beginning, it was hard for me to do it as a profession. I didn’t want to give up my passion anyway. I created some WhatsApp groups with like-minded people who have such a burning passion in this field. My success does not only rely on my solo achievement. I want all others with passion in this field to succeed. We share our inspirational thoughts in this group, which motivates all of us’.

When there is will, there is a way, always! Fingers Crossed.

His paintings are now available through Mew Fashions. Call us @ + 94 76 039 2810 to order his paintings.